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Radio Prototyping Hardware

Radio Prototyping Hardware products are transceivers that turn PCs or PXI controllers into wireless prototyping systems. Use them for communications applications, including wireless research, spectrum monitoring, and teaching.

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    Stand-Alone or Computer-Based Devices

    Stand-alone or computer-based devices either integrate with standard desktop and laptop computers or allow you to use them without the need for other modular hardware.

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    Provides a software-defined RF architecture to rapidly design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Bus: Ethernet, USB
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    Provides deterministic control of transceivers using an onboard FPGA and processor for rapidly prototyping high-performance wireless communications systems.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Bus: Ethernet
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    The Software Defined Radio Device Bundle helps students experiment with real-world signals using LabVIEW software and?USRP hardware.